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 We Love Our Volunteers! 

Welcome to the Litchfield Elementary School District. We appreciate your interest and value your time assisting in the classroom, office, cafeteria, library, on a field trip, or wherever you choose to apply your talents in our schools.

The safety of our students is of great concern to us. To ensure school safety, we have chosen to take significant precautions to protect our students.

Whether you would like to volunteer at an elementary or middle school, all Litchfield Elementary School District volunteers must be 21 years of age or older and provide a new application every year. 

To become a volunteer:  
1) Fill out the volunteer application forms that can be found at school offices, our District Office, or by CLICKING HERE.  

2) Submit volunteer application paperwork at your school office or at our District Office.
Please submit new volunteer application forms each school year.

3) Participate in Volunteer Training. Dreaming Summit Elementary School (623-547-1200) and Palm Valley Elementary School (623-535-6400) would like you to attend a training session in person. If you are volunteering anywhere else, you may complete the training online. 

Volunteer Training is available online by clicking here

Please watch the entire slide show. 
The last slide will direct you to the Volunteer Application Form. 
The Volunteer Application Form MUST be completed so that we know that you have completed the online volunteer training.

4) All non-custodial volunteers (including step-parents, grandparents and other relatives) must send/deliver a copy of current photo identification to our District Office so we can make a copy and do a background check. Fingerprint clearance is only required for overnight field trips. 

District Office hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

5) Once you are approved, the District Office will send a form to each school with your name listed as an Approved Volunteer.

6) More information about Field Trip Volunteers can be found at this this link. CLICK HERE 

7) You only need to go through Volunteer Training one time, but we do request that you
complete new Volunteer Application Forms each year. The photo identification check is also done just once and we then keep it on file at our District Office.

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Thank you for supporting our "A" rated District!