PE Syllabus and Make-Up Work

When you are absent from PE class you need to do work to make it up.

Please be sure to do the unit we are working on.



- Find the unit we are currently in for PE. If you are unsure, please ask me what unit to do before you start working. You may be unsure of when you were out, or we may be in between units. I can clarify this for you.

- Find your grade and the corresponding unit assignments. Choose an assignment and complete the work.

-PLEASE use the websites provided on each assignment for your answers. Don't just make them up. You may not be completely correct. I'm providing you complete answers, so please use them. If you have a problem with a website, please let me know and I will provide an alternate website for you. Or make sure you reference the alternate site you used. Sometime sites change without my knowledge or control. 

-These are generally research assignments. I am not testing what you already know.

-Make sure to hand write your answers neatly in complete sentences. PLEASE DO NOT JUST CUT AND PASTE, this is not acceptable. You must turn your work in directly to me prior to class. When you hand in your completed assignment, I will change your grade while you watch, so we can both see the successful results of your hard work! Or, we can discuss anything that needs to be corrected at that time. Work handed in any other way will not be accepted.

-You have until the end of the quarter to complete these assignments for full credit, in all 3 PE categories, on the days you are absent.


Basketball - 6th |  7th  | 8th

Football -  6th  | 7th  | 8th

Softball -  6th | 7th  | 8th

Soccer - 6th  | 7th |  8th

Volleyball -  6th  | 7th  |  8th

Weight Training -  6th  | 7th  |  8th

Spikeball -   all grades

Lacrosse -  all grades

Five Components of Fitness - all grades (Lopez)

Five Components of Fitness - All Grades (Pratt)


Syllabus for PE

Coach Lopez       Coach Pratt