NJHS Committee List

NJHS has a wide range of committees that the members can vote on which ones they would like. Each committees has a specific role to help achieve the goals of NJHS. Here is a list of the committees with descriptions on what their role is.

Public Relations: Public relations is a committee that tries to engage the school community on what we are doing, and how we help out.

Hospitality: Hospitality is a committee that makes sure all of our teachers and nurses are fully appreciated and thanked. They create posters and help with decorations during an event.

Fundraising: Fundraising is a committee that help gain funds for NJHS and other school activities. A few examples of the work they do is the AZMerit Snack Collection, AZMerit Assembly, Installation of Officers and Paraprofessional Appreciation.

School Pride: School Pride is a committee that ensures everyone has a good perception and attitude towards WSMS. They host interactive activities, take pictures, and contribute to the well being of other committees. 

Campus Ambassadors: Campus Ambassadors is responsible for getting people interested and involved in NJHS. Campus ambassadors are in charge of Red Ribbon week, new member recruiting, and the induction ceremony.

Community Service: The Community Service committee is primarily in charge of making posters and helping the other committees.

Public Outreach Committee: The Public Outreach is the committee that is control of the NJHS webpage.