Medication Policy and Forms

It is the belief of the Governing Board that medication should be administered at home. However, under certain conditions, it is in the best educational and health interests of the child to take prescribed medications during the school day. Bring your child’s medication to the health center. Do not send medication to school with your child.

We are asking for your cooperation regarding giving medication in the schools. Because of the responsibility placed upon the staff for giving the correct medications, we ask that you comply with the following guidelines:

1) Prescription medication must be in the original container as prepared by a pharmacist and labeled,including the patient name, name of medication, dosage, and time to be given. (See Request forGiving Medication at School form)

2) Any changes to prescription medications must be reflected on a new prescription bottle and with most current labeling. (See Request for Giving Medication at School form)

3) Parent or Guardian must sign the Request for Giving Medication at School form.

4) The student is responsible for coming to the Health Center or to the designated person to take medications.

5) Nonprescription medications must be in original packaging and can be administered to students whohave written permission from a parent or guardian in accordance with the directions on original packaging. Physician’s orders must be obtained if parent/guardian requests to administer the medication beyond the labeled directions.

6) Students may not carry or administer their own medication except with written permission. (See Special Request to Carry and Self-Administer Medication form). This includes inhalers, prescriptions, and over the counter medications.

7) Parents are responsible for providing medications for overnight field trips.

8) Pick up your child’s medication no later than the last day of the school year. Any medications that are not picked up at the end of the school year will be discarded.

9) A new Medications Guideline form must be signed every school year.

Links to common forms are listed below:

Request for Giving Medication at School

OTC Medication Form (English)

OTC Medication Form (Spanish)

Request to Handcarry Inhaler