Drug Testing Kits

The Litchfield Elementary School District has partnered with L.E.A.D. (Local Educators Against Drugs) to provide information and convenient home testing kits for tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.  These are meant to empower parents by providing a simple way to detect potential problems in the privacy of the home.  These tests have been determined to have a 98% accuracy rate.

Test kits are available for a nominal fee through the principal, assistant principal or student advisors at each of the middle schools.  The Litchfield Elementary School District will have no part in the administration or enforcement of the testing process.  Tests will be provided in confidence.   Parents then can conduct the tests and read the immediate results in private.

Kits available to you for free:

  • 4 panel drug test: opiates/morphine, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine
  • Nicotine test
  • Alco Screen Saliva Test - Alcohol
  • Methamphetamine, Crystal, Speed