WCMS Nurse

School Nurse Statement:

The School Nurse is limited to provide health care (within the scope of nursing practice) to students who have been injured or present with an acute illness during the course of the school day. The school nurse cannot diagnose an illness or injury and cannot provide ongoing care without written instructions from a Physician, Physician’s Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner. Students with continued complaints of illness will be referred to their family health care provider. 

If there have been any changes in your student's health over the summer or if your student is new to Wigwam Creek and has any health concerns, please stop by my office and talk to me.  I feel that I am able to provide better care to students knowing their health history.

If your son/daughter needs to take medication while at school, it is important that the parent brings the medication into the nurse's office and fills out the medication permission slip form.  Do not allow your child to carry medication around in his/her backpack.  This violates the district drug free policy.

If your son/daughter experiences a fever of 100 degrees or higher they will be sent home from school.  Also, a student must be "fever free" for 24 hours without fever reducing medications if their temperature is 101.0 or greater before they may return to school.  Also, if your student is sent home from school due to fever or vomiting, it is important they do not return to school until they are symptom free.

Nurse's Office Phone:  623-547-1118

Nurse's Email:  rockwell@lesd.k12.az.us

- Cynthia Rockwell