About White Tanks Learning Center

White Tanks Learning Center (WTLC) is a Separate Public Day School housed within the Litchfield Elementary School District. WTLC has two types of programs available for students who require a more structured, supervised environment which provides support for their behavior and emotional needs.

White Tanks Learning Center utilizes the Boys and Girls Town Behavior Program. This"social skills model" is an integral  part of  the school day from the time students get on the bus in the morning until they return home in the afternoon. Our program focuses on teaching students appropriate pro-social behaviors that will provide success in peer relationships, family systems, the community, and the work force.

At White Tanks Learning Center, we emphasize the importance of individualized social skills training and one-on-one interventions, accepting consequences, and establishing expectations to meet each student’s individual needs.


Our goal is to provide each student with a quality education in a safe environment that promotes learning and the effective use of social skills. The goal for every student at White Tanks Learning Center is to increase the student's academic level to the point that he/she will be successful in a public school setting, eliminate inappropriate behaviors and replace them with behaviors that are acceptable in a classroom environment and return the student to their home school as quickly as possible.

Self-Contained Special Education Program

The self-contained special education program at White Tanks Learning Center is for students whose emotional and behavioral issues require more intensive special education services outside of the regular education public school environment.

Alternative Education Program

Parents and Administrators need options and choices when students choose to violate school rules/procedures. Instead of suspending students to home, it is educationally sound to provide a highly structured learning environment. Litchfield Elementary School District has created this environment in the Alternative Education Program at White Tanks Learning Center.

Six Pillars of Character

White Tanks Learning Center Mission:


At White Tanks Learning Center, we believe that all students have the potential to have exceptional character. We provide a safe environment where explicit character education is taught. Our staff works with students to set academic goals and through the use of differentiated instruction, effective curriculum, and advanced technology, students can successfully reach those goals to transition back to their home school and be productive members of their community.   


Organization and Philosophy

  • Multiple Intelligence

  • Differentiated instruction

  • Advanced Technology (Computers & ipads)

  • Safe environment

  • Character Education

  • Small Class Size


Instructional Programs

  • On-Site Special Education

  • Self-Contained Special Education

  • Alignment with Arizona Academic Standards

  • Social Skills Training

  • Character Development

  • Transition to Home Schools Program

  • Alternative Education