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Fourth Grade

4th Grade Supply List 2019/20
We would appreciate it if you could please donate these items to your child’s classroom as these are the items your child will need this year. As a fourth grade team, we have created a generic list for all 4th graders. Your specific teacher might request additional items for their class. 
Your child's personal items: please write their name on each of these:

1 box of 16-24 count crayons (64 colors is not necessary)

1 box of colored pencils-12 color assortment is plenty

1 old, clean sock or a small dry erase board eraser

Pencil box


1 - six pocket accordion file holder-Plastic type works best 

Earbuds for computers-inexpensive kind are perfect!

At this time, No mechanical pencils or personal pencil sharpeners PLEASE (they make a HUGE mess in student desks!!). 


Please do not write your child's name on the following supplies as they will be distributed as needed.

4-6 packages of  No. 2 pencils (Ticonderoga are preferred)....we use A LOT of pencils! 

1-package of Pink Pearl Erasers (No eraser tops please)

8-Single subject WIDE RULE (more space for students to write) spiral notebooks with different solid colored covers (green, black, purple, red, yellow, blue recommended)  More spirals may be needed later in the year

4-6 packages of dry erase markers (thick & thin, black please)

2-packages of thin highlighters-6 colors are ideal

1-package of colored pens (any color)

Ziplock bags: Girls: Gallons or Sandwich , Boys: Quart or Snack

Glue sticks (3-packages per student)

1-package of tissues

1-package of Lysol Wipes 

1-package Wide Ruled Lined Paper


Please keep in mind there may be a need for additional supplies later in the year. These requests will be made as these needs arise. 


Beginning of the year Wish List Items for the classroom
(Some items may also be requested as the year progresses and if the need arises)

Decks of cards for great math learning

Sharpies (any color)

Tissues.....we ALWAYS run out

Avery Mailing Labels (size 5160, address label size)

Sanitizing wipes (We wipe down desks and other items down almost weekly)

Unscented hand sanitizer

Hand Soap for our classroom sink-pumps and refills

Band-aids (We go through a lot of these too!)

Packages of card stock, white and/or any other color

Colored copy paper (any color, pastels are used more)

Board Games (for rainy days and heat advisory) new or gently used 



         Apples to Apples




Fourth Grade Summer Prep

Get yourself a head start to 4th grade!

Practice your multiplication/division facts 0-12

Tip:  Web search strategies to master these facts!

Continue reading a variety of literature/non-fiction 

Create stories, write about something special you did

Practice typing


Some science topics we will be exploring are:

Scientific Method

Animal Classifications/Plant Kingdom

Weather and Climate

Electricity and Magnetism

Erosion, Weathering and Deposition

Natural Resources and Recycling

Famous Scientists