Elective Descriptions for Quarter 3

Sign your student up for our 3rd Quarter Electives! Electives sign up will close on the morning of Tuesday, December 17, 2019.   Students sign up for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices from the exciting electives listed below.  


PE:  Get ready to move and groove in this PE Elective - BOOT CAMP!  Students will be working hard at stations and learning new fun ways to get fit each week!  “Tops,” slide boards, pogo balls, oh my! And don’t forget the awesome music!!!


Dancing Around the World: Taught by our Drama/Music teacher, Mrs. Lewis, students will learn a variety of dances that come from a diverse group of genres.  Some of the dances may include Latin, Hip Hop, Bollywood, and African.


Drama: This is a fun Theatre Arts program that will focus on developing skills that are essential for success in today's world such as public speaking, creativity, and teamwork. This elective will also assist in fostering important values such as commitment and dedication to their task at hand. This activity is provided by Shelly Smith with A Little Drama. 


Yoga: Join a yoga instructor from Ignite Yoga. Yoga and stretching exercises promote strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Kids learn to improve concentration, focus, stimulate their imagination and help release energy.


Karate: Kids learn respect, discipline and self-control through Karate.  This elective will give kids a chance to move and build coordination.  This elective instruction is provided by StarWorld Martial Arts.


Science Adventure: Science Mary, along with students, will explore a variety of fun science topics through discovery and experimentation.  


Life Enrichment: Quarter 3 will be a focus on kitchen and cooking skills.  Each week will involve an easy-prep food item while enhancing kitchen skills like reading recipes, shopping lists, and making healthy choices.


Peer Tutor: Students in grades 2nd-5th, are able to submit an application to be considered for Peer Tutoring.  Students will help support students with academics and social skills in one of our Self-Contained or Special Education Classrooms.  A completed application with a parent and current teacher signature is required.