Governing Board

Danielle Clymer
Danielle Clymer Governing Board President
Title: Governing Board President

Danielle Clymer - As a firm supporter of public education and the role it plays in bringing communities together, Danielle Clymer serves on the LESD Governing Board to ensure continuity of both academic excellence and community involvement with the Litchfield Elementary School District. As the top elementary district in the state, LESD is able to offer parents a wonderful choice when it comes to educating their children. Mrs. Clymer works with other Governing Board members to provide transparency in both communication and finances, as well as engage parents and the community in open forums for feedback. As an ambassador for the district, Mrs. Clymer works to garner support for our neighborhood schools, encourage parents and community leaders to take an active role in public education and work with local and state leaders to properly fund public schools here in LESD and across the state.

Term Expires: December 31, 2020




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