School Nurse - Health Center

The Role of the School Nurse

Your school nurse strives to help keep students healthy and in school. The nurse is available to help with your child's medical needs. The nurse also provides the following services:

  • Annual vision and hearing screenings for students. If your child does not pass a screening, you will receive a referral from the nurse. Please follow up with the appropriate health care provider and communicate those findings back to the school nurse.
  • First aid to injured and/or sick students.
  • Administers medications.
  • Administers necessary medical procedures as coordinated with parents and health care providers to
    maintain student health and participation in school curriculum and activities.
  • Communicates with parents regarding health issues of their children.
  • Trains and supports teachers, staff and students regarding health-related issues.
  • Maintains school health records to include immunizations and reports communicable diseases as
    required by law.

Beginning of the School Year Information
For any student that will need to have a supply of medication at school, please bring the medication in BEFORE the first day of school. The school nurse will be available the week before school starts to receive medications. Medications can be brought into the school nurse throughout the school year. No student may carry any type of medication to or from school. An adult must bring medications into the nurse's office.

End of the School Year Information
If your child has medication at school, it will need to be picked up on or before the last day. Any medications that are not picked up will be disposed of one week after the end of the school year.

Directory of School Nurses

School Name Phone
Barbara B. Robey Elementary Nichole Chavez, LPN 623-547-1418
Belen Soto Elementary Jill Smith, RN 623-547-3418
Corte Sierra Elementary Theresa Haugen, RN 623-547-1018
Dreaming Summit Elementary Whitney Howell, LPN 623-547-1218
Litchfield Elementary Lisa Carr, LPN 623-535-6118
Mabel Padgett Elementary Amber Gutierrez, MSN, RN 623-547-3218
Palm Valley Elementary Linda Ragab, LPN 623-535-6418
Rancho Santa Fe Elementary Staci Buckner-Petty, MSN, RN 623-535-6518
Scott L. Libby Elementary Jennifer Webb, LPN 623-535-6218
Verrado Elementary Amber Sim, RN 623-547-1618
Verrado Heritage Elementary Ami Brown, LPN 623-547-3318
L. Thomas Heck Middle Christine Gerbasi, RN, BSN 623-547-1718
Verrado Middle Rebecca Sherer, RN 623-547-1318
Western Sky Middle Wendy Stockman, RN 623-535-6318
Wigwam Creek Middle Cynthia Rockwell, LPN 623-547-1118