Early Kindergarten Entrance Information

Thank you for your interest in the Litchfield Elementary School District. We offer a Kindergarten early entrance age exception for children if it is determined to be in their best interest. Early Kindergarten entrance is available for children who live within the LESD district boundaries only. This also applies to employees of the district.

Children who turn five years old between September 1 and December 31 of the school year that you are wanting you child to start Kindergarten can be evaluated for early Kindergarten entrance during the summer of that year. No Early Kindergarten requests are granted after the school year starts.

Early Kindergarten Entrance Request Forms for school year 2020-2021 are now available. You will need to download the form from this site. Please read all of the information on this page carefully.

All children requesting early Kindergarten entrance will be assessed to determine their maturity level and readiness for learning. Each parent who turns in the completed Early Kindergarten Entrance Request Form by Friday, May 29, 2020 will be contacted to set up an assessment for their child. Assessments will take place during the week of June 15-19, 2020. (This date may be changed.) The assessment will take approximately 30 minutes.

LESD School Officials will then determine if early entrance into kindergarten is in the best interest of the child. Early entrance will be approved for students who demonstrate exceptional social and emotional maturity, and whose learning needs are advanced. These students should perform similarly in respect to behavior, social, emotional, and academic skills to their older classmates in order to meet the challenges of LESD kindergarten curriculum. We will admit students early if we feel confident that they can be successful during the kindergarten year and move on to first grade with the necessary skills, maturity, and confidence.

All parents will be contacted by within 2 weeks after your child's assessment regarding this decision. The decision of our School Officials is final. There is no appeals process.

Completed forms can be mailed to LESD District Office, attention Arabeth Gilliland. The District Office address is 272 E. Sagebrush Street, Litchfield Park, 85340. You can also scan or attach the completed form in an email to Arabeth Gilliland at gilliland@lesd.k12.az.us. Completed Forms must be received at the District Office by Friday, May 29, 2019. You will be notified when your application has been received.

Early Kindergarten Entrance Request Forms for school year 2020-2021
If you are unable to download this form and would like the Request Form to be mailed to you, please email Arabeth Gilliland at gilliland@lesd.k12.az.us.


The student can be registered for school AFTER he/she is accepted for early entrance Kindergarten. We make every effort to place early entrance Kindergarten students at their home school, however, these students may be placed at another school within the District if the student's home school is at capacity. Parents would then be responsible for transportation.