2006 Bond

On November 7, 2006 the voters of the Litchfield Elementary School District authorized the District to sell class B bonds in the amount of $30,500,000. Per State Statue 15-491K a school district that issues bonds must hold a public meeting each year between September 1 and October 31 to give an update on the progress of the capital improvements financed through bonds. The following is the breakdown of the $30,500,000 bonds as noted in the election ballet document: 

  • Remodel Existing Schools $ 3,440,040
  • New School Construction $24,960,524
  • Pupil Transportation Vehicles $ 1,441,781
  • Administrative Construction $ 657,655 $30,500,000

Current Balance $11,398,405

Below you will find an update by category: Remodel Existing Schools Budget - $3,440,040, Expenditures to Date - $1,042,451, Balance: $2,397,589.

Remodel of Existing Schools

Litchfield Elementary School - $615,654

Many of the improvements that were done during the 2006 Bond include an upgrade to the electrical power and instrallation of new heating and cooling units on the 1700 and 1800 buildings. There was a remodel of themedia center, computer lab, the 1700 building classrooms and the 1800 building classrooms. The design on the remodel work for the classrooms on buildings 900 and 1000 was started.


Scott Libby Elementary School - $426,797

The remodel of the student restrooms, front office area have been completed. A new intercom system as well as upgraded compuer wiring including fiber optics have been installed. A new fence has been added around the gym for added safety. APS partnered with the dsitrict to replace the main electrical transformer. Major electrical improvements have been completed in the kitchen and computer lab. Over half of the water line has been replaced. All classrooms in building G and E have been remodeled. The design process has started for the remodel of the classrooms in building D. Please see pictures below.

SLL Cl+assroom1  SLL Classroom2  SLL CLassroom3  SLL Classroom4


Verrado Elementary School - $ 8,526,139

Phase I and Phase II of the Verrado Elementary School and have started Phase III. Phase III will be completed by October 2009. It is anticipated to have the final phase (kitchen and cafeteria buildings) by late spring or early summer and have it ready to occupy by the spring of 2010.


L. Thomas Heck Middle School - $2,451,907 

We had several issues with this project; sewer line locations, burrowing owls, dealing with the open cannel on the east side of the property, dealing with the concerns of the neighboring homeowners and the biggest issue we had to deal with was the civil engineers and obtaining a permit. The school opened for the 2009-10 school year.


Administrative Construction

Budget: $657,655      

Expenditures to Date:  $416,738         

Balance:  $240,917

The Administrative Office – Temporary Classroom building has been completed and is currently in use. 


Pupil Transportation Vehicles

Budget: $1,441,781   

Expenditures to Date:  $1,169,970                 

Balance:  $271,811


Financial Costs Associated with the Selling of Bonds

By law the District may spend bond proceeds to cover the legal cost of issuing bonds. To date the District has spent $47,211.34.  

Other Funds Used for Construction

The District used funds from our Capital Budget to help with the cost of remodeling, construction of the new Administrative Office – Temporary Classroom building and to furnish both Verrado Elementary School and L. Thomas Heck Middle School. We also used money donated by DMB to help offset the cost of the final construction phase of Verrado Elementary School.