Discipline Matrix

Student Discipline on School Buses

Students who have the opportunity to ride a Litchfield Elementary School District bus may do so as long as they display behavior that is reasonable and safe. Choosing to follow unacceptable behavior will result in loss of bus service. The Student Transporter is responsible for the safety and discipline of students on the bus.

Student Transporters must handle student misbehavior that threatens passenger safety or distracts the driver. Every attempt will be made to contact a parent/guardian when student behavior is a concern. Our Student Management plan promotes an environment where students, parents, school staff and Student Transporters work together to solve student behavior concerns before a student loses bus privileges.

Misconduct on the school bus is categorized into three categories: Minor Offenses, Major Offenses, and Severe Offenses. Below is a chart giving examples of each category and the consequences that will follow:
Failure to obey authority Refusal to respect authority Use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or and controlled substance
Profanity and obscene gestures Failure to show ID or false ID Use of flammable objects
Eating, drinking, and/or chewing gum Throwing object in, at, or from school bus Possession of explosive device, gun, or knife
Not being seated properly Harassment of student or Student Transporter Fighting/assault of Student Transporter or another student
Standing while bus in motion Possession of instrument construed as a weapon Placing any part of body outside of the school bus window
Pushing, shoving, kicking Destroying/vandalizing property Operating controls without Student Transporter consent
Littering Impeding movement of the school bus Operating emergency exits or equipment in a non-emergency situation
Excessive noise Distraction of Student Transporter Attempting to hold onto the the exterior of the school bus at bus stop
Unacceptable materials Spitting Pointing any weapon at the school bus
Crossing behind the bus at bus stop Possession of glass objects      
Continuously late to bus stop    
Riding unassigned bus or getting off at unassigned stop without permission    
See Student Agenda for Discipline Matrix         See Student Agenda for Discipline Matrix See Student Agenda for Discipline Matrix 
A suspension from the school bus includes ALL of Litchfield Elementary School buses including field trips and ball games.

School Administration reserves the right to adjust suspension times based on severity of the incident and if multiple infractions occur.

When a student loses their bus riding privileges, a staff member from the Transportation Department will contact the parent/guardian by phone to confirm the suspension dates. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached after multiple attempts, a letter will be sent home with the student in an envelope for the parents/guardian.