Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation Department


What are the Transportation Department Hours?
The office is staffed from 6:00 AM-5:30 PM Monday through Friday when school is in session. Office hours may vary when school is not in session. Voice mail is available 24 hours per day and will be checked each morning and throughout the day.

How early should my child be at the bus stop?
Students are requested to be at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time each morning.

What if my child's bus is late in the morning or afternoon?
Although we strive to keep our buses on time all the time, there will be times when the bus may run late due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, weather, or other issues. If your child's bus is more than 15 minutes late, please call the Transportation Department at 623-535-6070.

Why does the Student Transporter assign seats?
Our Student Transporters are required to assign seats per department policy. Assigned seating makes loading the buses more efficient because each student already knows where to sit and is not trying to find a seat. Assigned seating also helps reduce vandalism and littering on the buses. Every Litchfield Elementary School District #79 school bus has a letter above the seat to assist your child with remembering where they are supposed to sit.

Why don't buses go into gated communities?
Buses will not enter gated communities for two main reasons:

  1. If the gate malfunctions and will not open while the bus driver is trying to enter, the bus will have to back out onto a street putting everyone on the bus at risk. In the event that the driver is in the community and the exit gate malfunctions, the bus will now be late until a solution is found.
  2. Many of the gated communities access code boxes are too low for a driver to reach from the bus and the driver is not allowed to leave the bus with students on board at anytime. 

It is in the best interest of our Department that we refrain from entering gated communities on all regular education routes.

Why can't the bus pick up my children in front of my house?
Bus Stops are created as central points to minimize stopping and starting the buses as much as possible. Each time the bus stops, the amount of time students are on the bus gets longer and fuel efficiency is decreased. For the most part, the communities of our district have sidewalks throughout them and walking to a bus stop is completely safe. We attempt to place bus stops in common areas such as green-spaces, mailboxes, parks, schools, etc. Arizona Department of Public Safety Student Transportation Department also mandates that school bus stops are to be a minimum of 600 feet apart from each other.

Can my child ride home with a friend on occasion?
In most cases, yes they can. Please contact the Transportation Department at 623-535-6070 the day before your child is to ride home with a friend, so our routing specialist can make sure there is room on the bus for an extra rider. Also, please send a note with your child to school stating that you give permission for him/her to ride home with another student. Please include the other student's name on the note, and the bus they would like to ride. Students must take this note to the office at the beginning of the day, and have it signed by an office staff member. If the note is given to the Student Transporter in the afternoon WITHOUT approval from an office staff member, they will need to ride their regular bus home or call a parent to be picked up.