How to Contact Help Desk



  1. Before contacting the Service Desk, have you tried:
    • Checking that all your cables are securely plugged in
    • Restarting your computer
    • Signing in with your user ID on another computer
  2. All requests to the Service Desk must be submitted via email to your site's help email address.

          *If using webmail, copy and paste email address into the To field




Barbara B. Robey Elementary School

Belen Soto Elementary School

Corte Sierra Elementary School

Dreaming Summit Elementary School

Litchfield Elementary School

Mabel Padgett Elementary School

Palm Valley Elementary School

Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School

Scott L. Libby Elementary School

L. Thomas Heck Middle School
Verrado Heritage Elementary School
Verrado Middle School

Western Sky Middle School

Wigwam Creek Middle School

White Tanks Learning Center

District Office

ETC Building

Food Services Building

Support Services

If you cannot send an email, contact your Media Aide or another staff member at your site to submit the request on your behalf.