Local Wellness Guidelines


The Center for Disease Control reports student academic achievement is associated with good health and regular physical activity. Schools play a significant role in providing a positive environment to support lifelong physical activity and healthy dietary behaviors. Congress recognized that the creation of a healthy school environment can provide support in the prevention of childhood obesity and reduce the likelihood of developing diseases and/or improper growth and development associated with improper nutrition.

In 2004, Congress passed the Child Nutrition and Women Infants and Children (WIC) Reauthorization Act (Sec. 204 of P.L. 108-205). This act required all schools participating in the National School Lunch Program and other child nutrition programs to craft a local wellness policy to address school performance promotion, implementation, and measurement of student wellness in the areas of nutrition education, nutrition guidelines, physical activity, and other school-based activities.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (Sec. 204 of P.L. 111-296) of 2010 provides additional provisions for local wellness policies related to implementation, evaluation, and publicly reporting on progress of local wellness policies.



The mission of the Litchfield Elementary School District (LESD) is to cultivate, lead, and inspire world class, innovative thinkers and expert communicators through a focus on the relationship between educator and student, built around challenging, meaningful, and engaging curriculum. The goal of the educational program is to help all students develop to their fullest potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

LESD recognizes students with good emotional, social, and physical health in a safe environment have the opportunity to maximize their learning potential. The purpose of this initiative is to provide school health and physical activity guidelines that support the development of a healthy and safe school environment, conducive to a positive learning experience.


Wellness Goals

Continued reinforcement of health and nutrition education, physical activity, and wellness will provide the basic foundation for students to acquire the critical skills needed to adopt, practice, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The primary goal is to provide a positive, safe, and healthy environment that encourages a physically active and healthy lifestyle for students, staff members, parents, and communities associated with LESD.


Guideline Goals

The guidelines in Policy JL - Student Wellness and the supporting regulations will serve as the foundation for each school in the Litchfield Elementary School District to develop, implement, and evaluate health and physical activity policies and practices. Each of the nine (9) guidelines is accompanied by standard common practice(s). The goal is to confirm each school administrator or appointed designee(s) monitors and assesses each school appropriate guidelines to ensure compliance on an annual basis. If non-compliant, each school administrator or appointed designee(s) will submit an improvement plan report to a designated District wellness committee member.

JL-Student Wellness Policy

JL-RA Student Wellness Regulation

JL-RB Student Wellness Regulation

JL-RC Student Wellness Regulation (Guidelines Packet)