Passport to Education

Student Ridership Program


The Litchfield Elementary Transportation Department is excited to announce the “Passport to Education” Student Ridership Program for students who ride the school bus. The Passport to Education Program is an ID card that students will use when entering and exiting the bus either at school or their designated bus stop. The information will be used by the Transportation Department to determine:

  1. Who is on the bus at any given time.

  2. The location a student boards or exits the bus

  3. The time the student boards or exits the bus.

Each Litchfield Elementary School Bus is equipped with “Passport Readers” that students will scan their Passports when they get on or off the bus.

The Passport to Education Program is being implemented to add another level of security and safety to students who ride the school bus every day. The Transportation Department receives calls throughout the school year from parents and school offices asking if a student is on the bus, rode the bus home today, or has been dropped off at the bus stop. With the ridership program, the Transportation Office will be able to answer those questions quickly from the dispatch office.

Passports will be provided by the Transportation Department for students that use the school bus at the parents request. If the card is lost, misplaced or damaged, a fee will be imposed upon the parent/guardian for a replacement Passport ($5.00 per passport). Students are required to have a Passport to Education to ride the bus. Students will not be turned away from the bus if they do not have their Passport with them in the mornings or the afternoons. 

 Each Passport is equipped with a hole at the top for use with any lanyard. We suggest using the “break-away” lanyards that can be found in most stores in the area.

If you have any questions regarding the Passport to Education Program, please contact the Transportation Department at 623-535-6070.

Thomas D. Sims                    Diane Silva                             J. Wiley
Transportation Director          Transportation Supervisor     Transportation Supervisor