Preparing for Summer Break

  • UPLOAD ALL OF YOUR IMPORTANT FILES to Google before you leave. Please click here to learn more. If assistance is needed to backup files please contact the Service Desk.
  • STAFF LAPTOPS along with their power adapter and video adapter, please turn into your site designee along with the Employee Equipment Check-In Form.
  • ARCHIVE YOUR GOOGLE MAIL click here to learn more.
  • STAFF CELL PHONES along with their chargers, battery (with the battery removed), should be turned into your site designee.
  • PLEASE DO NOT UNPLUG lab desktop computers from the wall socket (power cable or network cable).
  • STUDENT LAPTOPS, NETBOOKS and MOBILE DEVICES that do not belong to a mobile cart should be stored with your site's staff technology equipment.  Please inventory.
  • LOG OUT OF LAB DESKTOP COMPUTERS and power off, but please do not cover them.
  • STAFF USING LAPTOPS for district related projects beyond the school year must receive approval from their administrator and complete the Summer Computer Checkout Form.
  • AUDIO ENHANCEMENTS:  For most district classrooms, turn OFF amps and UNPLUG wall chargers. 
    • For VES, LES & PVE using the Lightspeed model 850 amps, turn off amp and remove both mics from the cradle.
    • Leave the batteries in the internal charging mics.
    • Place the equipment in the audio enhancement box or a plastic bag.
    • Changing classrooms?  PLEASE leave the audio gear in the room.
  • SPECIAL EDUCATION TRAVELING STAFF with laptops in the following job titles:
  • Psychologists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Contracted Personnel

Please turn in your laptops to our Special Education Technology contact, Jerolyn Allen. You must complete the Summer Computer Checkout Form.

  • TRANSFERRING to another site within our District or LEAVING our District?  Please ask your office manager to submit the Staff Account Transfer Form or Staff Account Termination Form. Need to create a copy of your Google Docs?  Please see End of Year Moving Google Docs (Drive) and visit Google Takeout to complete the process.
  • SITE DESIGNEES responsible for checking in technology equipment, please contact Brenda Ochoa, 623-547-1510 with the specifics of your site's technology equipment so that the Tech's can locate it if we need to over the summer break. Thank you!


If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact our SERVICE DESK.