Trip Reduction Program


 Litchfield Elementary School District Trip Reduction Program Incentives


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Dear Employee,

Litchfield School District wants you to know that if you carpool (two or more people of driving age sharing the commuter to work) ride the bus, walk, or ride your bicycle to work you can register as an alternative mode user (AMU) for our trip reduction program.

As part of this community, we encourage all employees to do their part and help to make a difference in the quality of our air by using alternative modes to get to/from work. Here are the great incentives you are eligible for if you do your part!

* Monthly prize drawing for each site for prizes of $10. Be sure to get your entry forms in to be eligible!

* Guaranteed emergency ride home via taxi ride or company vehicle in the event of an unforeseen emergency, limited to two rides per year, see your supervisor.

* One grand prize drawing to be held at the end of the school year, prize valued at $40, for all who participate in the trip reduction program.

* Preferred parking for carpoolers, you must register to park in these spaces and provide us with your license plate number.

* Showers at each middle school as well as secure bike rack parking at all sites and daycare locations at the elementary schools. Daycare limits are listed for each school in the Extended Day Parent Handbook.

* If you are interested in finding out who lives in your zip code that you might be able to carpool with please contact your site leader.


For information on locating a carpool partner, please contact Valley Metro Rideshare at 602-262-7433 or log on to or for bus route information call 602-253-5000 or to view the online trip planner that Valley Metro offers, log on to and click on bus information.

I hope you will consider joining our program. Please download the Trip Reduction Participation form below and  return it to your site coordinator.


Angie Smith

LESD 79 – Trip Reduction Program Coordinator

Trip Reduction Form