MPE Breakfast and Lunch Times

(Early Release Days - Lunch Times remain the same)

Breakfast is served from 7:10am - 7:35am

Grade Lunch Recess
Kinder/Pre-K 10:00 -10:25 10:25-10:45
1st 10:25-10:45 10:45-11:05
2nd 10:50-11:10 11:10-11:30
3rd 11:15-11:35 11:35-11:55
5th 11:40-12:00 12:00-12:20
4th 12:05-12:25 12:25-12:45


Parents are welcome to come to school and eat lunch with their children. Please remember to present your I.D. to the MPE Office Staff, Sign-In and put on a Visitor Sticker.  You may meet your child in the school cafeteria and then utilize the parent table to eat lunch with only your child, not their friends. This is for the safety and security of all of our students. In addition, there are peanut/strawberry free tables for those with specific food allergies. We request that only those with food allergies sit at these tables.  Due to our closed campus policy parents will not be on the playground during recess.