MPE Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

MPE Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures  


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Important Information about Mabel Padgett

              Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

We appreciate the smiles & waves we receive each day as we take on the challenge of safely entering & exiting 800 students from our campus.  There are 15-20 staff members on duty and we do our best to direct traffic, monitor the bus lane & playground and teach children the rules that will keep them safe. We need you to help by driving with caution in the parking lots and school zones, observing school zone speed limits of 15 mph, and using ALL crosswalks. Children and Parents walk bikes across the crosswalk. In the morning we ask walkers to wait for a crossing guard to arrive before crossing.

Your patience and support are truly appreciated.




-Falcon Drive Parking Lot- Express Lane (east side of school) is the Drop-off & Pick-up area for 1st-5th grade students. In the morning they walk behind the school to the playground from this point. Please pull forward, as far as possible when dropping off and picking up, this prevents traffic congestion on Falcon Drive. Students will be lined up along the curb at 2:25.  Parents must stay in their car along the curb and pick up at the curb only, as directed by the teachers on duty (not from the passing lane or by calling children over to another area of the parking lot). Please thank our teachers on duty for keeping our students safe, especially in the heat.    The Falcon Lot is for Staff Parking only.


August 2018
Dear Mabel Padgett Families,

In an effort to maintain a safe environment for our students, we are writing this letter to inform you on some changes for dropping students off and picking them up this school year. Hopefully this will provide a safe and speedy drop off and pick up for students and parents.

For the Falcon Express Lane, there are many students who get dropped off in the morning and picked up in this express lane. We have been pleased with how quickly we have been able to unload and load students into cars and to keep the line moving. The following will outline this year’s process:

  • ?  Morning drop off:
    To keep students safe when dropping off in the morning pull all the way forward, drop off your student, and then the student will walk back to the fire lane gate and enter campus. Staff members will monitor students as they walk to the gate. If you wish to park and walk up to the school, please park in the Turney (front) lot. The staff parking lot (Falcon lot) will be closed to parents.
  • ?  After school parent pick up:
    We will again call students to our numbered pick-up spaces.
    This year we are asking parents to display a sign in the front window of their vehicle identifying the student(s) and grade(s) that are being picked up. If we cannot match up the student’s name with the car, we will call the car color and type as we have done in the past.
    We ask that parents pull all the way forward to the farthest open pick-up space. We will have directed your child to go there. This will help in loading as many students as we can at one time. If a vehicle stops at space #4 and there are open spaces at #1-3, the line tends to slow down. If at all possible, the best door for your child to use is a passenger side door. This alleviates a possible unsafe walk into the driving lane on the driver’s side of the car. Also for safety, please do not pick up your child outside of the numbered spaces unless directed by staff member.
    We are asking that you review this information with your child. The students have done a great job watching and listening for their car. With your assistance in this process, we hope to make everyone’s experience positive and efficient.
    The parking lot on Turney Ave. (front of school) is for PreK-1st grade parents to park and walk students to/from campus. Never drop off students in the middle of this parking lot, if you just want to drop off & not park then use the Falcon Express Lane. If you have older students please use the Express Lane on Falcon, students may not exit unparked cars from the Turney lot. Parking is not allowed along the red curb/fire lane. All cars must park in a parking space. Turn RIGHT when leaving the Turney lot, this helps keep the traffic flow moving. Crossing with children in the middle of the parking lot causes safety and traffic issues. **Please use the crosswalk in front of the office at all times**
    Thank you,
    Mabel Padgett Staff


-Turney Ave. (Front of school) is for PreK-1st grade parents to park and walk students to/from campus.  If you have older students please use the Express Lane on Falcon, students may not exit unparked cars from this lot.  Turn RIGHT when leaving the Turney  lot, this helps keep the traffic flow moving.  **Please use the crosswalk in front of the office**
  • Campus opens at 7:10am and breakfast is served in the cafeteria.
  • During Rainy Days & Heat Advisories students can go their classrooms at 7:15.
  • The first bell rings and students go to class at 7:35 (fire lane gates close).  The tardy bell rings at 7:40am (entry gate closes)-students are expected to be in their seats ready to learn at 7:40.
  • Thank-you for your patience and cooperation during our morning drop off. Our biggest rush is from 7:25-7:40 so we recommend arriving by 7:20 to avoid traffic congestion.   


**The Bus Lane is for buses only per DPS regulations.  This is not a student drop off or parent parking area **
**Parking in the Fire Lane along the red curbing is a violation of Goodyear Fire Dept. rules and could result in a ticket.**