Mission Believe

Mission Believe

Mission Believe!

We Believe in Our Students!
We Believe in Ourselves!
We Believe in Our Colleagues and Leaders!

Litchfield Elementary School District blasted off on Mission Believe in August 2011. The training and energy spread like wildfire through every single school and department. The mission launched with an inspiring video by a fifth grader named Dalton Sherman who asked, "Do You Believe in Me?"  Our next step on the mission was to define our beliefs. 

  • What would it look like and feel like if everyone whole-heartedly believed in each and every one of our students?
  • What would it look like and feel like if everyone whole-heartedly believed in themselves?
  • What would it look like and feel like if everyone whole heartedly believed in their colleagues and leaders?

The answers to those questions shaped and defined our belief system here at LESD. We BELIEVE that smiles, laughter, high expectations and well planned lessons are just a few of the actions that show our students that we BELIEVE in them every day. We BELIEVE that networking, mentoring, and spreading joy are great examples of how to show that we BELIEVE in ourselves. Supporting our colleagues, sharing ideas, participating in professional dialogue, being an enthusiastic team member and celebrating successes are ways to show our colleagues and leaders that we BELIEVE in them!  

We constantly refuel our mission by revisiting our beliefs, engaging in team building activities, and sending "Rock-Its" when we experience staff members who are living and breathing these beliefs. 

Themes each year:

11/12 - Mission Believe

12/13 - Excellence to the Core                                 

13/14 - Power of Positive Influence  

14/15 - Unite to Ignite

15/16 - Infinite Impact                  

16/17 - Destination Transformation, A Century of Strength

17/18 - Our Family, Strong and Connected

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Click on the link below to download and print a Rock-It, or you can get one from your school office, to recognize any LESD staff member who demonstrates a commitment to Mission Believe.

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