No-Cost Parent Training - Conscious Discipline

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There are still a few sessions remaining that address Parent Training on Conscious Discipline. Please see the table below. Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive, self-regulation program that integrates social emotional learning, school culture, and discipline. It helps educators and parents build schools based on safety, connection and problem solving. Even if you have not attended other sessions, these last classes will teach valuable lessons about how to help children feel safe and confident so that they can focus on academic achievement and overall success

Conscious Discipline is based on brain research and how that dictates behavior. This program helps adults understand their own brain states first so that they can create safe and loving environments that our children need to access their highest levels of learning. Litchfield School District has incorporated this program in their schools and seeks to partner with parents in helping children self-regulate their emotions and strengthen their relationships at school and home.

Highly-trained teachers at every school in the District will present interactive monthly trainings where adults will study the three brain states that drive self-regulation and decision-making. Fun games and expert presenters will help adults learn techniques to remain composed during parenting challenges and make brain-building choices to help children remain emotionally connected. Conscious Discipline reduces bullying and violence by giving children a sense of confidence and connectedness.

No registration required. You can learn more about Conscious Discipline in the “Parent Resources” section at

Schedule of Conscious Discipline Trainings



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