Litchfield Elementary School District uses an electronic flyer communication tool called Peachjar. It is an innovative flyer management system that sends school-approved digital flyers directly to parents’ inboxes and posts them online. Parents and community members can easily find and view flyers and take action immediately to sign up for activities and events.

Peachjar Program Providers

If you would like to promote events, programs, and activities to our school community, you are required to register with Peachjar as a Program Provider. After your flyer has been submitted to Peachjar, it will be routed automatically to our District Office for approval, and then emailed as a visually engaging image to all parents who have their email address on file at the District. With the exception of internal school communication, paper flyers are not permissible on front office counters. Peachjar charges a fee for this service. Learn more about Peachjar at

ALL flyers MUST include the following disclaimer: 

"Litchfield Elementary School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material. The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service."


In addition to Peachjar benefits, Community Education Partners may send paper flyers home in student backpacks. They may not stack or post flyers in school offices. This Agreement requires Community Education Partners to pay 30% of their proceeds to the Litchfield Elementary School District Community Education Department. All Community Education Partners must also be Peachjar Providers. Please contact Kristina Blockwitz at 623.535.6042 or for more information.


Every school's home web page has a Peachjar image. Visit your child's school website to see flyers for their campus. Click on the Peachjar button  image on the bottom left side of the home page of your child's school. You can also access any school's Peachjar Program by clicking on the button below.


Peachjar button   Barbara B. Robey Elementary School

Peachjar button   Belen Soto Elementary School

Peachjar button   Corte Sierra Elementary School 

Peachjar button   Dreaming Summit Elementary School 

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Peachjar button   Litchfield Elementary School     

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