Gifted Program

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Litchfield Elementary School District Gifted Program

The Litchfield Elementary School District is dedicated to the task of providing challenging programs appropriate for all ability levels. Specialized instruction will be provided to serve the needs of gifted students. Litchfield Elementary School District ensures that classrooms are responsive to the unique needs of diverse gifted learners and ensures a positive classroom environment that values and honors each student’s unique learning style. The program complies with the Arizona Law that mandates that school districts identify gifted students as those scoring at the 97th percentile or above on any one of the three batteries of the Cognitive Abilities Test or on any other state approved appropriate test administered by Litchfield Elementary District personnel for placement.

Benefits of Gifted Education
•    Challenges children to reach their potential
•    Promotes academic rigor
•    Develops and maintains an interest in school
•    Improves creativity and problem-solving abilities
•    Broadens experiences and horizons
•    Creates a positive atmosphere for learning
•    Provides appropriate pacing
•    Allows for association with children of similar interests and abilities
•    Encourages active participation
•    Provides a context for application of classroom learning to real life Problem-solving.

Elementary School students will receive gifted support services in their classroom with instruction that provides opportunities to grow academically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally according to their abilities and talents. Gifted students are served by Cluster Grouping. Susan Winebrenner, international expert of the gifted learner and author of Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom, provides a model of support for our designated teachers of the gifted. Ongoing professional development will provide support to these designated teachers as they challenge our gifted students in the classroom.

Middle School students will receive service through the Honor’s program. Each student must complete the application process. An application is available in the front office of each middle school. Students will be with their Honor peers during all academic content areas. Honor’s program teachers receive ongoing training using the research-based practices of Susan Winebrenner, international expert of the gifted learner and author of Differentiating Content for Gifted Learners in Grades 6–12. 

Updated Gifted Scope and Sequence information.