Middle School Arts Program

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For the Litchfield Elementary School District


 Student with art project

Student with art project. 



     Students in art class. 


Goals of Litchfield Middle School Art Education site: 
To promote the role of visual arts as part of LESD's overall educational plan. 

- To publicize the role of the middle school art program in the community.

- As a resource for information regarding the visual arts in the district. 

As a place where the high caliber art that the students create at each of the schools can be displayed and viewed. 

- To educate the public about what visual arts students in the Litchfield School District are learning and creating.

In the Litchfield Middle Schools we are committed to leading the state in the quality of our visual arts program. Our middle schools are staffed by some of the best teachers in the state and are some of the best supplied art class rooms in the entire state regardless of grade level. Our goal is to ensure through the high quality of our program that our students continue to be some of the best young artists in the state. 

All of our middle school art teachers are all highly qualified to teach in the field of art education and truly find joy in the ability to promote creative thinking, innovation, and learning in the lives of the young people they work with. We believe that art is a valuable tool in teaching young people the problem solving skills that are imperative to have in whatever field of work they may enter when they become adults. 



Mrs. Oakley at AAEA conference. 
large view
Ms. Oakley of Wigwam Creek Middle School Rocks the house at the AAEA confrence