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Litchfield Elementary School District

COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 3-17-2020

When will we return to school?
We will return to school when it is deemed safe for staff and students. It will not be any sooner
than 3-27-2020, and may be extended beyond that. All LESD schools and departments are closeduntil further notice.

How do I access my child’s medication that is currently at school?
School nurses are contacting families to manage this process. Your child’s teacher is your
primary point of contact and can also support you with this.

May I come to the school to pick up my child’s personal belongings?
No. Students and families are restricted from entering our schools. This enables our staff to work remotely and our Facilities Department to ensure sanitized spaces.

Can you provide meals for my child during the school closure?
Yes. LESD is offering no-cost meals at 8 locations. Visit the “Grab & Go Meals Information” link of our website to learn more. Available to any child under 18. Children must be present.

Are you sending me emergency updates from LESD?
LESD uses the Edulink emergency notification system to best serve you with timely informationabout school or district emergencies. (This is different from messages from your child’s teacher.) Please email parentvue@lesd.k12.az.us if either your email address or cell phone number has changed since you last completed emergency contact information. Include all children's names and whether or not you are adding new information or deleting old information. (Address changes will not be accepted.)

Do you have resources to help me engage my child at home?
Yes. Our Instructional Coaches are working hard to compile resources and activities to support you during this trying time. Teachers are expected to communicate with families twice a week while schools are closed. They will email you grade-specific Supplemental Work Packets to help you maintain your child’s current academic level. The Supplemental Work Packets will be consistent districtwide and will be available on our website. Printed Supplemental Work Packets will be available for pick up from your child’s school on Thursday, March 19, from 9:00 AM -11:00 AM. Expect to hear more details from your child’s teacher. You can also find online educational resources in the “Student Resources” section of our website. The goal at this point is to foster healthy relationships and prevent students from losing academic skills. Supplemental Work Packets during school closures cannot replace instructional time in the classroom with a qualified teacher. (Supplemental Work Packets are designed for general exposure to content areas. They do not teach new concepts or focused skill development.) While we realize the pursuit of academic progress during school closures is a tall order, we do appreciate anything you can do to help your child value education and maintain familiar routines.

Do you have a computer that my child can borrow?
No. We do not have the capacity to lend technological equipment to students.

How will you handle deadlines for next year’s planning?
Specials selection, Honors applications, Traditional Academy applications, and preschool
registration deadlines are postponed until further notice.

When will you send my child’s report card?
Report cards are postponed until further notice.

How are you supporting my child with special needs?
Services for our students with special needs are commensurate with those in general education. Please contact your child's teacher if you need something specific. IEP and 504 meetings are postponed until further notice.

How do I get a refund for my child’s preschool and/or Extended Day tuition?
All tuition paid for days in which our programs are closed in the month of March will be credited to your account for future use once the school closure has ended. If your child is not returning to one of our programs, you may request a refund form by emailing commed@lesd.k12.az.us. Please be patient as staffing is limited during the closure and refunds may take several weeks to process.

Do you need donations or volunteers?
Thank you to the many people and organizations who have offered to help us address this
challenge. We encourage you to focus on your health and your family right now, and a
supportive note to your child’s teacher is always appreciated! We may have the capacity to
utilize community support in the near future, Please email hornback@lesd.k12.az.us if you
would like to be added to the list of potential resources for future needs.

Have any students in our district been tested for Coronavirus in school?
No students have been tested for Coronavirus by Litchfield Elementary School District.

Will we have make up days at the end of the school year?
This has not yet been determined. We are seeking guidance from the State of Arizona

Will we have 8th grade promotions?
That will depend on if/when we go back to school.

Will my child take AzMERIT tests this year?
We are seeking guidance from the State of Arizona about this annual standardized test.

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